Who We Are

We believe that every person (man & woman) deserves to know the truth about pregnancy, sexual health, and abortion decisions.  Because of people just like you we are able to share the truth with so many who are hurting in our backyards. 

We believe that Jesus is really the only answer to the issues that each of us face on a daily basis.  

We offer a non-judgmental, confidential, supportive atmosphere for each of our clients--no matter what decisions he or she has made or will make in the future.  We are here to listen, encourage, share truth, and help as we can. 

You can join our team.  There are so many ways to get involved!  Contact us today.  We need you. 

 Internal Audit
 Conducted in April/May, 2018 by Dr. Trisha Burkeen, a Volunteer Financial Consultant.
 Dr. Burkeen's Audit Report included the following:
"Upon review, I found no substantial inconsistencies from what was reported in monthly and yearly financial reports and the evidence provided to guarantee that the transactions recorded took place.  The records of the organization's income and disbursements were saved and found to be recorded in monthly & yearly reports.  The timelines for tax filing and registration complied with state requirements.  Fixed Assets statements are not recorded in the system, but records accurately reflected current values of the land and building.  As part of the review of fixed assets and physical inventory of other assets was completed." 

The complete report is available for preview at our office..  You can contact us any time to set up a time you can read the entire report.  Please give us a call anytime.  636.495.6566