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Just this morning a potential client woke up and realized she might be pregnant.  Fear, concern, joy, uncertainty,doubt are just a few of the emotions she is probably feeling this morning.  

   When the father of the baby learns of her suspicions he could experience the exact same fears.  Fears so debilitating that moving forward today is almost impossible.  

   This couple is in crisis-mode.  Life cannot go on until the "crisis" is taken care of.  What does that entail?  Society has taught them that abortion is a quick-fix.  An immediate answer to this crisis.  

   We have an abortion clinic just about 30-45 minutes from this office.  Coming up with the money to take care of this crisis?  Somehow, they can usually come up with it.  Because they need to take care of this right away.

   This is where a center like ours is critical!  We can help those facing an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy see that abortion is NOT the only option.  It is not a quick, easy fix that will be gone from their minds the day after the abortion.  

   We are here to explore all the options in an unplanned pregnancy situation.  We are able to provide free options peer-counseling, free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and free prenatal care to each one of our clients.

   How can we offer free services?  Because of folks just like YOU!  Today, on #GivingTuesday, a day when this country comes together to support non-profits across the country, will you join in? 

   How many babies can you afford to save this year?  For just $100 you can help one baby, one momma go through our limited prenatal program from start to finish (when she is able to get started with her OB/GYN for the duration of her pregnancy)

   Donate today.  Use the button on the right or go to our contact page for mailing information.

   All of our babies say "THANK YOU!"


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